[ATG] 交替性地形生成



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[ATG] 交替性地形生成 Alternate Terrain Generation



What is ATG?


ATG is both my first mod (no java experience before this - be gentle ) and my attempt to address some of the issues I see with vanilla terrain generation. Nonsensical biome positioning and lack of rolling terrain were my main motivations, though recent tweets from Jeb suggest that the biomes are being addressed in vanilla.

I started it back in 1.4.7, got it working in 1.5.2, and have now made it generalised and adaptable to other mods for 1.6.4. Things will change once more in 1.7, but that's a bridge to cross when we come to it.

How does it work?


ATG adds a new world type which entirely replaces the base method of creating the world.

Vanilla generation creates "blobs" of land within the world and assigns random biomes to each, shuffling them around a bit to add rivers and such. The height and shape of terrain within these areas is determined by the biome, not the rest of the world.

ATG completely changes this, instead creating height, temperature and moisture maps for the world and deriving the final biome based upon those. Higher areas are colder, areas away from the sea and where the temperature is high tend to be dryer.

ATG currently supports any mod which adds their biomes via the provided API, and Buildcraft explicitly since there are only 2 small biomes to add. Right now, EBXL, Highlands and Biomes'O'Plenty dev builds support ATG. Anyone wishing to add support for their mod biomes is quite welcome, and can find the API in the downloads section.

(ATG目前支持任何模组通过API提供的的生物群落,并buildcraft明确只有2添加小的生物群落。现在,Ebxl,高地和biomes'o'plenty ATG正在开发建立的支持。任何人都希望增加模组的生物群落的支持是相当受欢迎的,可以在下载部分找到的API。)

Mod compatibility and issues
IMPORTANT: ATG 0.9.0+ is NOT compatible with worlds generated in 0.3.0 and earlier due to changes in biome allocation and the removal of plateaus as distinct biomes.
(模组重要的兼容问题:ATG 0.9.0 +是不兼容早期0.3.0由于在生物群落的配置变化与高原的不同生物群落的去除。)

ATG is incompatible with Better World Generation 4 (causes strange generation issues), though frankly why you would have both at once is quite beyond me.

When running Biomes'O'Plenty alongside ATG, the BoP nether biomes will not generate unless it is set to allow BoP biomes in the non-BoP world type.
(在运行biomes'o'plenty ATG时,不会产生除非设置为允许BOP生物群落所在世界类型中。)

Biome conflics are possible and happen silently, but all biome IDs are changeable in the configuration file, along with the ATG world type. The defaults are:

World id 9(世界编号(ID)9)

Biome ids 1.6: 150-159(生物群系:150-159 1.6(版本))

Biome ids 1.7+: 141-148(生物群系:141-148 1.7 +(版本))

ATG is supported by Biomes'O'Plenty, EBXL and Highlands, and includes small compatibility modules for Buildcraft's oil biomes and TC4's magical forest. Get in touch if you've a developer who has added compatibility to other mods, I'd love to know!

All mods which add non-biome terrain generation features such as Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, IC2 and so forth work as expected, only mods that add whole new biomes generated in the normal fashion have issues. Buildcraft's oil biomes will spawn in the world, but they're rare, so keep your eyes peeled!